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• Written requests to appear as a delegation must be received before, a minimum, ten (10) calendar days prior to a Regular Council Meeting. 

• Delegates must provide a copy of the presentation as well as any background information to the Deputy Clerk by the WEDNESDAY prior to the Council Meeting.  This information will be copied to Council Members. 

• Delegations are to be limited to ten (10) minutes.  Council members may ask clarifying questions following the presentation, but no decision is made at that meeting. 

• If Delegations consist of more than one person, only one person will be permitted to speak. 

• Delegates are encouraged to review Section H of the Town’s Procedural By-Law regarding Deputations and Delegations, prior to the presentation. (provided below)

Once the application is received by the Deputy Clerk, you will be contacted to confirm your placement on the agenda.   


34. Persons desiring to present information on matters of fact or make a request of Council shall give notice, in writing, to the Clerk not less than five (5) days before the commencement of the meeting of Council and may be heard by the Mayor and Council.  The deputation shall appoint one (1) speaker who shall be allowed not more than ten (10) minutes to make a presentation on behalf of the deputation. 

35. The notice from the deputation shall be legibly written and shall include a summary of the matter or matters that are to be presented. 

36. Section H does not apply for any guest(s) invited by Council to attend the meeting. 

37. Council will consider the information provided by the deputant.  Council questions will be to Administration ONLY.  The deputant issue may be referred to Administration for a report on the matter at a later date. 

38. The Clerk shall have the authority to make an initial determination and refusal of an application for a deputation that is deemed repetitive.  The Clerk shall refuse requests by individuals or associations who were previously represented as a coalition or coordinating group, unless new information is submitted.  The Clerk shall provide Council with a copy of each letter in which a deputation has been denied under this provision. 

Will other representatives be attending?
Have you appeared before Council in the past?
How will you be attending the meeting?
Do you require any additional set up/equipment?

A copy of your presentation must be sent to no later than the Wednesday before your deputation.

You can also upload the presentation to this application if prepared.


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